Freshwater necklace slide
Freshwater necklace slide

Freshwater necklace

€ 110,00

The freshwater Necklace. 

Necklace is 45cm long. Charm is 3 microns of 18k gold plated. 

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Necklace Sizeguide Ocean Republic
sizeguide Necklace Sizeguide Ocean Republic


Sterling silver jewellery and oxidised sterling silver will be polished clean by continually wearing on the skin, it then develops a lovely shiny silver colour. If you store your silver it can get a natural oxidised look as well. To clean sterling silver, gently wash with warm water and baking soda, and polish it up with a soft cotton silver cloth. Oxidised finishes must not be polished with cloths, as this will wear away the surface area exposing the bright silver underneath.


Sterling silver 925, 18k gold plated charm and a freshwater pearl.