“Excessive consumption is all around us, so at Ocean Republic we think it’s essential that we create a collection of pieces you will wear forever.. and renew or rework those pieces you no longer do.
At the end of the day I just want to have the feeling that nothing that we ‘’borrow'' from our beautiful earth is wasted in any way” – Sophie Mylou - designer and founder of OR

At Ocean Republic we strive towards being 100% circular. We feel the beauty and essence of jewellery is that it has the ability to last for generations. The materials which we extract from our wonderful earth are pure - and meant to last forever. Those pieces you no longer do can be reused, renewed or reworked. At Ocean Republic we are always looking how we can recycle and reuse all the materials that we use, not only the precious metals. We are looking forward to becoming completely circular.

From now on you can return the jewellery that you don’t wear anymore to us in exchange for OR store credit, as we know that every women has some jewellery they don’t wear anymore. Even if you didn’t originally buy it from us, we are more than happy to accept it and breathe new life into the raw materials. You will receive OR credit in exchange. Solid gold needs to be weight and credited for its metal content, less refining costs. For sterling silver 925 and gold plated items we credit a flat rate as below:


Original RRP under 50 EUR – EUR 10 credit note* 

Original RRP EUR 50-100 – EUR 20 credit note*

Original RRP EUR 100-200 – EUR 40 credit note*

Original RRP EUR 200-300 – EUR 60 credit note*

Original RRP EUR 300-400 – EUR 80 credit note*

Original RRP EUR 400-500 – EUR 100 credit note*

Original RRP EUR 500-600 – EUR 120 credit note*

To take part in this initiative, please first send an email to

*Please note that all credit note amounts are subject to item inspection. 



If your favorite OR jewellery is worn as much as possible, what we like and understand and it need a new layer of gold or repair, we offer a replating and repair services.