Coral Necklace Silver slide

Coral Necklace Silver

€ 80,00

this piece of coral is found at one of the beautiful beaches of Sumbawa. the original piece was used as a mold for the production of this charm. 

Coral piece is 2 cm long and the necklace length is 60 cm. Necklace is available in different colours. 



Necklace Sizeguide Ocean Republic
sizeguide Necklace Sizeguide Ocean Republic


For rhodium, oxidised and gold plated items, please avoid contact with chemical substances including hairspray, cosmetics, perfumes and chlorines. Please keep in mind that proper storing and usage are essential to maintain the jewellery in good condition. You can store your jewellery in the original Ocean Republic packaging. Gold plated and rhodium plated items must not be polished with cloths, as this will wear away the surface area.


Oxidised black over sterling silver 925